Kim Kardashian Hire Models to Try Her Clothes on First

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Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian did recruit a selfie assistant, she also has models try on all her clothes so she doesn’t have to expel her time and energy on finding the perfect outfit.

Kim was named one of People‘s best dressed celebrities this year and she gave them all the tea on her fashion evolution. In the interview, Kim said Kanye West is her number one source of inspiration and that she sends all of his designs to models who miraculously have the same measurements as her. Kim stylized them as “fit models,” but she basically has her own living and breathing mannequins.

“There are fit models—we have gotten people who have my exact same measurements—and they try on all the clothes, photograph it, do the fittings for hours every day of all the different Yeezy looks,” she said.


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Kim also confessed that at one point she was sending her entire wardrobe to the models to try on.

“There were all these stylists using my clothes, taking pictures and then sending it to me and then whatever I like I’ll try it on and make sure it looks good on me,” she said.

Kim, however, did not say if she sent that VINTAGE Gucci G-string to one of her models before she actually wore it.