Kim Kardashian posts topless photo of herself on Instagram


Reality star, Kim Kardashian, is letting off steam following the butt-kissing attack on her infamous derriere the only way she knows how- posting a topless selfie.

The notorious nude selfie connoisseur posted this topless photo sporting black panties and denims following her earlier scare on Wednesday.

Well, the reality star isn’t letting her attacker, Vitalli Seduik get off with just a slap on his wrist. She is seeking legal redress this time around.

The mother of 2 has already reached out to the French Police to file a complaint over the butt-kissing incident and is reportedly working on obtaining a restraining order against the infamous joker. This is according to E!

Kim Kardashian, is said to consider Seduik a constant threat to her person and others and will be employing legal arsenal to guarantee that he is punished for the crime and stays away from her henceforth.

This is the second time the notorious prankster will make Kim Kardashian the subject of his practical jokes. He had previously attacked her in the past during a Balmian show at the Paris Fashion Week (PFW) in 2014.

The Ukrainian prankster who tried to plant a kiss on the reality TV star’s bum outside of L’Avenue restaurant on Wednesday before he was wrestled to the ground by her security detail, also attacked Gigi Hadi last week and has been banned from Hollywood due to his pranks.

It’s nice to know that Kim has recovered from the experience and is up to posting nude and semi-nude selfies.

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