Know your history – Obasanjo tells Nigerians


Nigerian former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, has lamented the poor level of awareness of the nation’s history and cultural heritage amongst Nigerians.

Speaking during the launching of educational toys designed to teach Nigerian and by extension African history by Ethan & Harriet, former President Obasanjo who was the special guest of honour at the event applauded the company for developing learning tools that will expose Nigerians across social status and background to the country’s cultural values and heritage.

Obasanjo called on Nigerians to imbibe cultural values and norms so as to promote the nation’s heritage.

He regretted that present upbringing was disappointing, as many children do not know enough about their states of origin let alone the country.

“I have understood that history is no longer thought in school, which is unfortunate. Not knowing the history of your country, family or locality is to lose memory and if you lose your memory, you won’t remember even what you ate last night. You can see that it is a disaster,” he said.

Obasanjo stressed that Nigerians must “go back to make our children know what matters about our country and ourselves so they can be inspired for tomorrow.”

Chief Obasanjo said, “I like the fact this product will impact the students to know more about our culture, immediate environment and Nigeria’s heritage at large. Even the parents can make use of it to know the history about the Federation.

“This is a product that will impact everybody; young, old, men and women, what they need to know about their country, each State and what they produce or what they are known for.’’

It is a learning material for Children, teenagers, adults and teachers as well.