Kolo Comedy Easter Reborn Show

Kolo Comedy and Mom

Celebrating life is always interesting and when you’re celebrating the resurrection of the person many people in the world believed in, it’s definitely a big celebration, Easter every year, we all celebrate differently.

Though the celebration is over but the memories of that day is still vivid in our memory as we were at the Kolo Comedy Easter Reborn show. In Ajegunle it’s a different vibe there every time because that’s street and judging from how Olamide pitch street in our face you can bet it’s got its own groove and that was exactly what happened, organized by Kolo Comedy a young growing comedian and his friends and other comedians and artiste too where in attendance to thrill their fans and they love their local celebrities i must say, Ajegunle finest performance was a prove of that.Kolo Comedy

The show which was graced by many fans of these AJ celebrities, even the parent of Kolo Comedy was in attendance and she opened the event with prayers, a typical prove that parents are beginning to change their mind about their children going into the entertainment industry.Kolo Comedy

It was a good show while it lasted and i can bet every of the attendees had fun.

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