Korra Obidi reveals pregnancy with a poem


Nigerian singer and professional dancer, Korra Obidi, has penned a beautiful poem to announce she is five months pregnant with her first child.

The dancer who became popular after videos of her erotic dances went viral excitedly shared the news on her Instagram page.

She also shared an intimate photo of her hubby, Dr Justin Dean kissing her bare baby bump. In another photo, she was seen kissing his own bare “baby bump.”

Obidi captioned the photo with a sweet poem that reads;

“They say souls come in pairs
Twos and twos in this stratosphere
The lucky ones find their’s here
others settle for attention and care.

I was never the hopeless romantic
Believed in love but never chased it
Had a dream, my race to race it
No time for fantasies, love or magic

Then loneliness struck like a kitkat craving at midnight,
Suddenly needed cuddles and warmth to sleep tight
I yearned for my other pea, my pod didn’t feel right
At 25 my need choked my life’s light

We were so different and it was scary
Your path was set and mine was blurry
You said hello in a subway flurry
From first sight my pea, I knew our story

Didn’t take long till we would succumb
To that force of nature, the pairs belong
Twos and Twos, we fit like a glove
Tis true what they say of True Love. #MYBOBO.”

Justin Dean also announced that his wife is his hero in a post on his IG page while announcing she will give birth in Summer.

Dean wrote;

The Dean clan is getting just a wee bit bigger this summer! @korraobidi is 5 months along!

“You are my Hero Korra. Thank you for taking my house and making it a home. #teamdean +1 soon.
#dadtobe #pregnantwife

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