Lady celebrates ”Abigail ” her housemaid, shares pictures (Lesson for all women)


A facebook user  ,Ella Umeh-Ezeadilieje took to her page to celebrate her housemaid who turned sister and daughter.

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She wrote:

Hey guys, I have told u all the story of Abigail, my girl who used 30 Eggs to cook moimoi for me….well, this is Abigail. She is my right hand, left hand, brain box and executor. She has made it easy for me to coordinate my life, kids and home and to achieve more.

If she decides to kill me today, I’m as good as dead. Why? She is my chief planner, nanny and knows everything about me and my family. She has beautiful spirit, always smiling, laughing, ready to learn. She is from Kaduna state and came to us with about 20 or 30 words of English. Today….Abigail speaks well, is learning to read well and generally growing. She will be writing Junior WAEC next year.

She can be annoying. She is not perfect, neither am I. Sometimes she annoys me and scream at her, even beat her a few times, but if I can survive Veronica and her beatings, this one na small. Veronica taught us that there was no difference btw maid and ur child. None at all, so we all shared chores.

For all of us thinking that the people living with us are sub humans, not deserving the basic respect and treatment granted a human being, I am really sorry for u all. Why? The person cooking and feeding ur kids? Taking care of them? Wow. We should not be that unfortunate.

Treat anyone living with u right. Set a good example for ur kids to follow. Don’t raise another generation of people who think it ok to treat people with disdain. It is abuse. You put urself and family at risk when u do this.

Some of us will go to hell simply because of our maids and how we mistreated them. Speak in tongues all u like, carry the biggest bible, be the best hajia or imam….it doesn’t matter. Be human.

Abigail is dabbing. Life is good.

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