Lady exposes her last chat with the late Micheal who commited suicide

Micheal Awesye

A Nigerian lady took to her Facebook page to make known the chats she had with the late Micheal Arwsey who allegedly committed suicide after a depression caused by homelessness

Micheal was a head choir in a local church,the report revealed that the deceased used belt to commit the act in his uncles residence in Abuja.
The Facebook user with the name Jenny Dominic Njaka shared the heartbreaking conversation she had with the late chorister.
She wrote:

This is my chat between me and this late michael
I feel so bad ,If I had known
Would have given him attention
If not for anything atleast
My words of encouragement would have strengthened him 😭😭😭😭
Never knew that this cute guy was going under depression n rejected
Oh my God
I feel so bad right now😢

Ladies pls not every chat supposed to turn

Pls any one going through any situation pls
Every problems has any expiring date
Pls don’t take away your life pls
Just hold on
Everything will be fine