Lady narrates how her sister snatched her boyfriend


A lady has narrated how her own sister took away her man when she tried a dangerous experiment on him that backfired spectacularly.

Apparently the woman identified as Ngozi Uju wanted to find out if her man is a skirt chaser so she asked her sister to go and trap him to see if he’s worthy of marriage.

But alas, something she wasn’t expecting happened.

Read the full text below:

What is this world turning into? So somebody can not trust her blood sister again? I only asked my sister to test my fiance and now they want to get married.

I met frank 3 years ago and we have been dating. Everything was moving well. I know every member of his family and he knows mine too.

Last month December he asked to move our relationship to next level, he proposed to me and I accepted. He and his family came for introduction and and my parents accepted them.

He fixed our transitional marriage and everything was going according to plan.

7 days to our traditional marriage, I don’t know what came over me. I told my younger sister to go to his house, cook food for him and try to seduce him. I was trying to see if Frank is a womanizer or if he would cheat on me. I trust him but I wanted to be sure. I warned my sister never to have sex with him and she said God forbid that she won’t sleep with my husband.

After the game back, I noticed that Frank stopped picking my calls, he blocked my number. I went to his house he told me he isn’t going to marry me again that it’s my sister he wants to marry now.

I don’t know what my sister did to him. The worst part is that my sister agreed to marry him. Every member of our family is warning her not to but she is insisting. My father said he would disown her if she marries him.

It’s not as if I can’t cook. I cook more than everyone in my house. I am thinking about arresting or killing my sister. I am so confused. Did she give him love portion or what? Please I need advice.”


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