“What was the price for my life?”Lady narrates horrifying story of how her friend sold her to Yahoo boy for Ritual


This story may be too long and not for faint heart,but it’s worth reading!

So, a Twitter user identified as @Proudlyme4, took to the platform to narrate how her room-mate and friend sold her out to be used for money rituals.

According to the lady, her roommate identified as Susan set her up with a ‘Yahoo boy – internet fraudster’, identified as Smith.

See her full story below;

My roommate whom I loved with all of my heart,mind and soul sold me out to be used for ritual….I still keep asking myself till date “What was the price for my life ?”

And the worse part is anytime I think about it….I find myself still praying for her 😭😭

Shit hurts 😩

It started on the 5th of November 2017 when we all decided to have a girls time out, we went swimming off campus (some people came to pick us outside the school campus and took us to the pool),my roommate Susan was their friend. When we got to there, she introduced me to a dude

She told me that was her brother…we all exchanged greetings and went to change to our swimwear. We had fun, the “brother” got attracted to me and I liked him too, we connected and decided to exchange numbers, I agreed and after we were done, we went back to sch feeling happy☺

So this dude and I talk on fb messenger and he calls too, he made me understand he and Susan are not related by blood but they’re from neighboring communities and they attended the same secondary school but my roommate was his senior in school… So he’s been inviting me to come

Over to his place that since I didn’t know there, Susan would bring me. On the 3rd of December 2017, I finally decided to go visit him. Susan made me look nice, told me not to tell my other roommates the truth about where we were going to, and she also wanted to see her tailor

So I asked why but she said she just doesn’t want anyone to know (I felt she didn’t want people to start thinking and judging) so I agreed. Mirabel, my other roommate, kept asking me where I was going to and I told her tailor’s place😢. So we left school and went to his place.

On getting there, she knocked,another dude, Dan came to open the door (they were her friends and Dan also wanted to be more than friends with Susan). So we got in and I saw “the brother”(btw his name is Smith). The house was not furnished, it looked like they just moved in and

I made sure he ate from the food, and we talked, yes, he is a student of my school who is on suspension with his friend for beating up a security officer and he didn’t tell his parents, collected his fees and stayed off campus ( he told me all of that)
We kissed and he wanted s*x

No, that was never part of the plan, so I ran out and cried to Susan and she whispered to me “ehen do it na, who would know, you’d just steam with hot water and close up your p*ssy” I was like Ahh I can’t 😢. Smith stopped the sexual advances and I got comfortable again but

before I knew it, he r*ped me…I cried, I begged 😩😩 , I even hit my head on the floor tryna fight back buh all my pleas fell on deaf ears until he released inside me that’s when he started begging. I was so ashamed, I felt the worse but I decided to just wash up and go back to

school. After I finished washing up, he continued begging and told me to clean my eyes so that people wouldn’t know what he did, Susan came in and saw him kneeling and begging me and she said “Smith why are you begging someone to date you,Is it by force? Leave her alone”

Yeah, I forgot to add that smith told me he’s a yahoo boy because I saw different Sim cards at his place and I asked what he was using all of them for, so we decided to leave, Dan decided to drop us at school, all of a sudden, Smith said he was going out and I told him that since

he released inside me, I am in school and I do not want to get pregnant, what would I do? So he brought a drug( ampiclaux) and asked me to take it, I did and left to the tailor’s place with Susan, after we finished from there, Susan asked if I had sex with Smith and I denied but

her response was “stop lying, I was watching you guys from the other room”, well I checked the room properly and even took a picture, there was no wiring to prove it that, so I decide to tell her the truth and I said Susan, Smith forced himself on me and she goes oh oh oh fuck,

repeatedly hitting her head, why, why, smith why did you do this.
So she asked if he released inside me and I said yes and she asked if I told him and I replied yes and she asked do his response and I told her everything and she said no, that pill won’t work, I’ll get you

something else that’ll be more effective.
Dan came to pick us from there, I just sat at the back of the car, I don’t know how she told him but he stopped by the pharmacy and got another pill( postinor) with water and Susan asked me to take it immediately before we get to school

She told me to wear a smile so people don’t start asking questions, I couldn’t, even when I tried forcing the smile, I couldn’t, so we got back to the hostel, she helped me boil water and I went to bathe, and then steam…she made food and told me to eat, and smile before others

would get back, I wasn’t myself, I wasn’t happy and I just wanted the ground to open and swallow me😭…I slept off while crying and fortunately my pastor called and told me to attend Communion service, I needed to get out, so immediately I dressed up and went,during the course

of the service, I cried and told God I wasn’t happy and that he should make me happy because I’m a very joyful person, always smiling and that he should help me to forgive this boy. Somehow I dunno how it happened buh I just became happy for no reason, I laughed and went back to

my hostel dancing, everyone kept asking what’s up buh I told them I am just happy😇 and I moved on like that. Smith that used to call and text now has stopped all of that, I didn’t even hear from his again😢

So forward to December when I came back home after the semester was over, my parents saw me and asked why I had lost so much weight and why my eyes had gone inside like I was sick but I just told them it was school stress and that I wasn’t eating well, they got me blok tonic

My sister who is married came visiting and asked us to go out, while dressing up she asked why my boobs has gone down and my hips and bum reduced too, I told her I don’t know and that everyone has just been complaining too 🙎but mom and dad had gotten me blood tonic so it’d help

During that December period, I started hearing a lot of stories about yahoo guys, I got really scared and I just kept praying and saying hope they’ve not used my destiny, I looked for scriptures to pray with and I came across Psalms 35 and it felt like the perfect prayer for me

December 26th, I chatted Smith up, and I told him, “do you know what you did to me is called rape, do you know you raped me?” I wanted him to genuinely feel sorry, he started calling me but I was with my mom and couldn’t pick the call so I sent a message saying, I’m not in the

right condition to talk to you right now and next thing I knew he goes , “I am even calling you so we could talk about your mistake”
Wow !! My mistake ?
My mistake was letting you into my life
My mistake was coming to see you
That was my mistake…
i was so pained…

And he goes, do not ever call me or text me again, in fact, I do not need You anymore and he blocked me 😳.

Wow 😮

On the 31st of December 2017,New year’s eve, we all went to church which was a normal tradition every year, during the course of the service,my pastor called me out, told me to kneel on the alter and asked the church to pray for me that I will not be fall sick ,so that passed

On the 7th of January 2018, I went to church and told my pastor to pray for me that I’ll be resuming school the next day. As he was about to pray for journey mercies and academic excellence like he always does, he switched to You will not be sick. So my parents told me to not stop praying since pastor has said it twice .

so I resumed school on the 8th of January and on the 9th , my dad called me around 10pm and told me to leave my room as he wanted to discuss something important with me and the room was noisy, so I came outside and he told me that a revelation came about me, he said he’d send me some bible passages and that I’ll fast and pray with those passages. And if possible, I should do mid night prayers too. So he sent them and I read those passages, backed everyone and started praying immediately’

On wed night, Susan dragged a chair and told me to come sit, then she asked me “Are you okay?” “Why are you getting thinner like this?” “Are you still seeing your period and I said yes” and she said ohh thank God….and I go Suss, I think smith did something spiritual to me and she goes no no no do not think about that, don’t go there and immediately she said that, I just felt a conviction that I couldn’t trust her again and I decided to keep to myself, so I said okay and went back to my bed.

On Thursday, my mom called around 9:30am to check up on me and ask if I am doing my fasting and prayers and I said yes. So I asked her who saw the revelation and she said it was a pastor in a church that my elder sister who was married went to and the pastor even asked that I came but they told him that I’m in school and wouldn’t be able to come, so she’s even going to see the pastor after she closes from work that evening and I’m like okaaaayyyy….

I decide to call my sister and ask her to tell me who the pastor is and she said she doesn’t even know him, that she decided to follow her mother-in-law to her Church because they’re having a program and towards the end of the service, the pastor started saying who is the sister of Ann here, if you know your sister is Ann, come out, and that Ann just left the house, you people need to bring her back before she’ll come back home with a terrible sickness. My sister said she didn’t come out because she felt the pastor didn’t know her not to talk of her sister as that was her first time there, but , her mother-in-law, sister-in-law and HSR husband all started asking is not your Ann they’re talking about?

So she said she didn’t come out but after the service she went to the pastor’s office and told him she has a sister called Ann and the pastor said, Yes its your sister, tho others have come to ask but I told them its not their Ann, and he also gave the bible passages that we should fast and pray and since I couldn’t come, my mom should see him…after hearing all of these, I told her I was gonna come back home, she asked if I’ve told m father and I said no, don’t worry if I tell dad, you know he’ll never let me leave school.

So I had my bath In my school, we don’t wear trousers, but I had trousers. So I wore a gown, wore my trousers underneath, and packed a few clothes and left, I didn’t tell anyone where I was going to and even when they asked I told my roommates I was going to school area and I wouldn’t be back till evening because I had to see a lot of lecturers and all… So I went to school area restroom, removed the gown, wore another top, wore shoes and let my hair down and wore shades with earphones plugged in and that was how I was able to leave the school premises without pass.

I ran for mi life, took the next available bus and went to my sister’s place, by the time she saw me, she took pity on me coz I was really looking so so sick, I couldn’t eat, I didn’t have strength and I just slept till it was time to go to the church.

When we got there, I saw my Mom there, surprisingly she was happy to see me…after there service commenced and the pastor had taken some prayer points, he then said call that yellow woman at the back(my mom) and she said woman, you are the mother of Ann( that was the first time he was meeting my mom)

My mom responded in agreement and he said madam where is your daughter and before he finished sef, I already ran to the front and he said Ann this isn’t you, I can literally see a picture of you but the person standing isn’t the same with the picture I’m seeing.

You have body more than this, though you are not as fat as your sister but you’re not this thin too. So he said Ann hug your mother and say thank you mom, I did as I was told and he said Ann hug her again and say thank you for your prayers and I did that. So he said Ann, if not for the prayers of your mom, you would’ve been dead by now.
The person behind what is wrong with you is a guy and he’s a yahoo guy and what they did is that as you’re growing thinner, he’s getting his money, as you grow thinner, he’ll get more money and that’s how you’ll keep.

keep drying up until you die. Tbvh I wasn’t surprised because I already knew but I just wasn’t sure. So he continued, Ann should I talk, I knew what he wanted to say next but in my mind,I just said no because I didn’t want my mom to know all of that story 😢

So the pastor said well, its not everything you’ll say in the open. And he asked for anointing oil, I gave him mine because I brought it with me, and as he was about to pray on the oil, he asked, who blessed this oil, my mom said its her pastor and he asked what church and she told him. So that day, he poured the oil on my head and gave me to drink too. The deliverance that was done isn’t a small thing buh I was delivered. After the service, my mom and I went to the pastor’s office and thanked him and he said the hands of the devil is off me.

When I got home, I told momcy I could feel strength inside of me, and she started thanking God. All my siblings and my dad were surprised to see me at home and my mom narrated everything that had happened in church to them. So they asked, who’s the guy, I told them and my dad asked me how do you know he’s the one, and I replied that because he’s the only yahoo guy in my life I know of and he said okay so my parents prayed ooo that the boy will run mad for trying to use their daughter 😂and the whole earth will judge him.

Anyways my father said na bad market be this one wey e do so… Na bad market e go carry. They started saying all this collecting of things, let’s go out, they’d have used it to exchange something from you but I just kept quiet coz I knew the real truth. My second sister being all spiritual said Ann, something i have learnt is that in the things of the spirit, for someone to take something from you, there has to be an exchange, so, what did he give you or what did you collect from him because all those ones you were telling mom and dad, I don’t believe you.

So I decided to tell her everything and she says Ann don’t be surprised to know that your roommate is aware and she’s just pretending, you know what, go and see that pastor personally tomorrow and ask him, so I said okay and we all slept that night but I was so terrified😭

So the next day, we went for the church program and I saw the pastor after the service, before I started talking, he prayed first and after I told him thank you and that I know who the person is and what happened and that he didn’t want to go deep because of my mom and he said.

Yes and I told him that there’s one of my roommate who took me to the guy’s place and want to know if she’s aware and before I finished talking sef, he nodded and said yes (Ahh my heart broke!!)
And I told him I was going back to school the next day which was Saturday,

So he said as I’m going back, I’ll have issues with my roommate and she’ll want to fight me but I shouldn’t fight back no matter what and he prayed with me and I left.

When I got back to school, I couldn’t sleep in my room, they asked where I’ve been but I just told them that I went to do one insurance stuff. I was literally just going to my room to bathe and was sleeping in my friends room.

The following Thursday evening on the 18th of January, I wanted to go bathe coz I had bible study to attend, I went to my room, one of my roommates was already in the bathroom, I said babe are you gonna be fast coz I want to bathe, and she says yes she’ll be fast and I wait, so she finished bathing and I wanted to poo first, as I sat on the toilet seat, I had not even started , Susan barges in and starts spraying air freshener, I was like ahan but you can see I’m here, she just said your yansh is smelling that’s why and she goes out…I smell trouble.

So I decide not to poo again, just bathe and leave, next, she comes in and says she’s the one bathing and I’m like but I am after this person and she says no ooo she’s the next person to bathe so something in me just told me to leave there quickly. I decided to take some clothes Because I didn’t want to come back to the room till Sunday evening. This Susan girl didn’t bathe again ooo, she carried broom and starts sweeping the floor and saying some stupid people that will not stay in the room and clean the room, I cannot be sweeping the room for them, so I finished taking the clothes from my locker, and as I step out, she dragged me back and say come and write your Name on the roaster, Susan leave me alone, I replied but she still held on to me, leave me alone but it went on deaf years so I bit her so hard so she’d let go.

But she bled and the next thing she decided to retaliate, in my mind, I just told myself that anything that wants to happen should happen and she should just do everything she wants to do. So she dragged me to the next room, placed me on the floor, tore my clothes and beat me up alI had on my mind was “don’t fight back”
And she goes holding my singlet, why are you not fighting me, you must fight me today and I just smiled, she got angry that I was smiling and slapped me. People decided to hold her and opened the door for me to go out.

So I went to my friend’s room and she came there again slapped me and warned my friend’s roommate that if they don’t send me out of their room, they’d be trouble😕
So that made me change my room.
My other roommates kept asking why I left the room buy I didn’t tell them because I knew it’d instill fear in them knowing what she did, I wanted them to be free staying with her and so I lived peacefully in my new room with my new roommates.
One day I thought about her and I found myself praying for her.
Tsk! It is well.

I did m thanksgiving in that church last November and I’m getting my body back.
This made me know that God is always looking out for me and his love for me is undeniable. And I’m forever grateful 😘

And don’t joke with your parents coz their prayers na im dey help you ooo.

Thank you all for reading and God bless you 🙏


My roommate whom I loved with all of my heart,mind and soul sold me out to be used for ritual….I still keep asking myself till date “What was the price for my life ?”

And the worse part is anytime I think about it….I find myself still praying for her 😭😭Shit hurts 😩

she added.