Lagos Kids Fashion Show

Lagos Kids Fashion Show

It was a beautiful day on Saturday, though it was a raining day but the kids on the runway were alive and full of life as they walk the runway thrilling fans and parents and even the artistes that came to perform.

Be the adult you needed in your life when you’re just a child, change the world when you grow up because you’re now wiser than when you were little, one of the duty of guardians and parents and elders is to show the little ones the way they should grow, to lead them right and encourage them the right way.

Poshest on Lagos Kids Fashion ShowFashion in this society is a major career choice, and everyday people are discovering their part in the fast growing industry, like that popular saying, a creative adult is the child that survived, surviving the child in them should be the aim and dream of this society because they are the leaders of tomorrow like we’ve always been told, though that statement is kind of far from the truth in this country but we still survive and dreams still come to life, people still grow up to be the version they’ve dreamt about when they were little.

On our TV screens we watch different programmes and movies and the influence of fashion in those programmes we watch is reflecting the way people see fashion and even how they dress, the kind of things the kids want to listen to and watch, what they want to wear even, though sometimes we blame it on what the kids watch on TV and other times, the parent influence these kids too, our parents are usually our biggest role model, we believe what they tell us most times because they gave birth to us and we live with them, they cater for us, so we do their wish because it’s the right thing to do, to obey your parent, but just as different things built us, our parent came from different place too and what they see as validation sometimes might not be right for the kids at that age, some parent want their kids trendy and fashionable and sexy, just as sex education, not all kids will understand the topic at a particular age, same is dressing sexy, though it might build their confidence but in a different way.Orchas at Lagos Kids Fashion Show

Even as adult they will tell you to dress the way you want to be address, it goes beyond dressing the child sexy and attractive, a different perspective about life you paint for them, a different understanding about the body you paint for them, they may like it because of the attention they get, some may be intimidated by it but life change every day and the ugly reality is, that body will not be like that forever, at one point in life the body will change and they may not be prepared to handle those change and the attention they’ve grown to always get fades, they begin not to see themselves as pretty or sexy anymore and the quest to remain sexy and relevant will become their daily goals, soon they will learn the fake life to keep up appearances, they might even do crazy things too, some might begin to suffer from depression because their body is now strange to them, some may survive and many may not, train them young they say, grow them with the truth too and not what’s trending because trends fade and what’s sexy today may not be tomorrow.Lagos Kids Fashion Show

The idea of this show is to bring the children to experience the glamour of fashion and the reality of the industry, how things work in this industry so they can make their choice early and if truly they love the trills and the ethics of the job and if they do, they can grow their passion at this tender age and become professional with the right sense of what it takes to be on this job.Poshest

Lagos Kids Fashion Show, our first edition is to relate and connect with the kids, to make them appreciate fashion and styling, photography and even experience the crowd watching them walk on the run way, our goal is to make their 2018, so that when they look back at this year, they’ll have something good to say about the year, to make the year have a positive impact on them and their future, so this show is to help them make that decision of if they want to be in this industry and also to make them understand the confidence they need to have about their body and even when the body change they can cope with the reality of it and not been pressured by the image they see on TV and on the internet about the approved body size or image, also to know they are handsome and pretty the way they are.Lagos Kids Fashion Show

Fashion, Photography and Styling is the rhythm of our time; let’s sing it with the right note and the right lyrics too.