My in-laws gave me the option of remarrying


‘I have been a widow for over eight years. I have two sons. And my youngest child was less than two years old when their dad (a naval officer) passed on. My in-laws gave me the option of remarrying and moving on with my life but I chose to remain with the family. They have been good to me-especially my husband’s brothers. Every one of them remembers me and my children. One of them is responsible for the roof over my head and the car that I drive. He also encouraged me to quit my (teaching) job and go into the business that I am currently into. I thank God that I took his advice.
I travel to Lagos every eight to twelve weeks (depending on market demand) to procure the items that I sell, other times my suppliers do ‘waybill’ for me. And because one of my brothers-in-law lives in Lagos- I put up at his place whenever I am in town. Their younger sister also lives in Lagos but we are not that close. Yet, we have never quarreled. You know…you feel more at ease with some people than others. This my brother in law that I usually put up at his place-relocated his family to Europe three years back…when his eldest child gained admission into a University over there.
Even when my brother-in-law is out of the country, I have access to the house and his housekeeper still treats me like a family. And when I am in town, I take care of his feeding and the house chores that I can handle-before leaving for my business runs. It’s my way of showing gratitude to a man that has done so much for me and my children.
Please, by putting up at his place whenever I am in town has never been a secret. He calls his other siblings whenever I am there-and gives me the phone to say ‘hello’.
The last time that I was there, their younger sister visited. As soon as her brother left the house. She began to ask how come I now frequent his place-since his wife left the country. She also asked if the brother’s wife knows that I now put up at their house whenever I am in Lagos.
Parliament, I couldn’t explain my shock at her words. But my greatest disbelief came from where her mind was going. Such a thing has never crossed my mind. The man in question-I relates to as I would to a big brother.
The business that I am currently doing. I started it in February of 2015. And before then, I was a primary school teacher in a government school here in Bonny. So, what could have taken me to Lagos before then?
I said nothing to her. And I have thought of staying in hotels since then but that will slice off a chunk of my profit.
Please, I want you to advise me on this issue.
It will break my heart if the peace in a good man’s home is shattered due to wicked insinuations.
Another thing that worries me is how my brother-in-law will take it if I suddenly start avoiding his place. He has always been close to me…since I became a member of the family. And he looks forward to my visits. He even teased that it’s only when I am around that he eats good food in the house.
Do I hint him of the sister’s insinuation or is it better for me to just stop going to his house?
All parties are from the South-South. I am in my early 40s. Thank you’’.



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