Letter to my girlfriend – Season 1 Episode 2


Cynthia averted her eyes from Nath immediately and continued her journey. She wore black leggings under a gown which flew backward as she walked on the sandy road. Nath wanted to meet up with her and thank her again but he was ashamed or rather thought she might have a negative reaction to it. So he put on his umbrella and began to walk home. “Thank God for the savior. I wonder what the taxi driver would have done” he concluded in his mind.
Just at the entrance of the same road Cynthia took, a red range rover jeep arrived wanting to take the same road. Nath adjusted at a corner when he noticed the force of the car trying to move on the sandy ground. Cynthia also heard the sound of the vehicle, so she looked back but wasn’t interested in what she saw.
The car stopped beside Nath and a girl in a red attire whined down the front glass. She almost had the same colour of the car added to the red eyeglasses she wore.
“Excuse me please,” she said looking at Nath with a hand on the stirring wheel. Her voice was like that of Americans.
“Are you referring to me?” Nath drew closer.
At that time, Cynthia looked back and saw him very close to the car but averted her eyes once again.
“I’m looking for Mr Kenneth’s house,” the girl said.
“Okay, I know the house. It is big, right?” Nath questioned.
“I guess so”
“Just keep going, by the right, you will take another road then turn left before seeing another road…”
“I’m confused already” the girl interrupted with smiles on her face.
Nath also smiled.
“Why don’t you enter the car and take me there?” the girl suggested.
“You mean i should follow you?”
“Yes” she opened the door and Nath reluctantly humped in. Just as he was closing the door, Cynthia looked back again and saw him, then wondered why.
Inside the car, Nath’s body was extremely relaxed with the help of the air conditional and blues playing from a CD player. The nature of the weather completely vanished from his memory.
“Hi, my name is Joyce” the girl began with a quick glance at Nath.
“I’m Nathaniel” he replied and stared at Cynthia when the car drew closer to her. Cynthia adjusted away from the road moving towards the nearest bush. When she looked up, at the front glass, her eyes caught with that of Nath. Even Joyce saw how Nath was staring at her as they moved further.
“Do you know her?” she asked.
“Who are you talking about?” Nath questioned.
“The girl you are staring at”
“No, i don’t really know her”
“Then why staring at her?”
“She only helped me..” Nath paused. “Turn right” he directed. Then Joyce made a right turn in a way Cynthia and Nath’s eyes caught together again.
Mr Kenneth’s house was a big storey building with a fence. The black gate which is also the only entrance to the house had a totem of the head of a lion. However, Nath and Joyce had stopped at the gate.
“This is the house, ma” Nath pointed at the gate.
“Okay, thank you very much, sir” Joyce activated the car horn smiling.
“I have to be going home now”
“Where do you leave?”
“We passed my house on our way coming”
“Oh dear..” Joyce paused when the gate opened then she drove in. Nath was amazed thinking why she would drive him into the house. “I will give you a transport” Joyce added.
“No, don’t worry” Nath opened the door and stepped down. Suddenly a girl ran out looking classic and beautiful. She hugged Joyce with all happiness. They were agemate.
“Miracle! Look at you! You aren’t looking bad” Joyce reciprocated.
“And you too!” Miracle replied. Meanwhile, Nath had headed to the gate already.
“Hey, please come” Joyce turned to him.
“Who is he?” Miracle asked but she ignored her question and walked towards Nath with two thousand naira.
“Please, take it from me” she said.
“But why?” Nath wasn’t smiling.
“For your help”
“No, is normal to help people especially strangers” he then smiled. “I didn’t do it for money” he added.
“Alright, have it because i want you to. It’s from my heart, please” Joyce persuaded while Miracle watched them from a distant.
“Okay then” Nath reluctantly took the money and thanked her before he went away. Then Joyce went inside with Miracle her friend.
Cynthia’s house was a bungalow but in a modernized way. One could see a halowall with a circular shape. Cynthia went into her room, she kept her bag and laid on the bed..
On the other hand, Nath got home and just collapsed on the bed too, then began to think of how God had blessed him that very afternoon. He looked at the money Joyce gave him but averted his eyes from it. “Is not bigger than one hundred naira” he thought. “The one hundred naira that girl gave me is more important than this two thousand naira. Only God knows what would have happened” he concluded in thought.
“I didn’t even know he was taking the same road with me” Cynthia was also thinking on the bed. “Who is he by the way?” she asked and stared at the ceiling…
To Be Continued……………


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