MC Galaxy loses N25m to MMM, says “that should be my business”


Nigerian singer, born Innocent Udeme Udofot, better known as MC Galaxy, has raised the alarm following the alleged crash of the Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox, otherwise known as ‘MMM’, saying he lost N25million to the Ponzi scheme.

Recall that promoters and participants of MMM in Nigeria on Tuesday woke up to panic as the ponzi scheme was frozen and all confirmed suspended. Although, they have been called to calm, insisting the scheme had not crashed, that all will be unfrozen after a month, projected to be January 2017.

On his Instagram page, after much criticism, MC Galaxy writes:

“Well don’t bring up been greedy in this cos to me most Nigerians are risk takers, becos we all wanna make it and if things were standard the way it is in other countries we won’t be going thru economy recession….. So if I put my whole money in mmm or I run multiple accounts in it, that should be my business, if my money is freezed or paused that also should be my business becos it’s my money and am in title to run my money the way I want and pls take greed out of it…”

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