Lydia Forson Open Letter to Genevieve Nnaji


It’s a long one, and I’ve wanted to write this for years so allow.

I had the pleasure of traveling and spending time with @genevievennaji , @siruti , @iniedo ( thanks to @desmondelliot ) for about a week and some days, ( still one of my best group trips). Between the coffee breaks, missed flights, airport waits, long nights and early mornings I learnt so much about and from Genevieve . I still remember begging her to put on some lipstick, kiss and sign a piece of paper for a guy I knew back then.(imagine oh, I didn’t even get an autograph for myself 🙄) she took out her red lipstick smacked it on, turned to me and said “you must really like him, and I hope he deserves this”- and then proceeded to kiss and sign the paper.

For years she’d been someone who’d inspired me in this industry and my time spent with her only left me even more inspired. She has so much grace and more than anything it’s how she treats people that left me in awe- it was the most important lesson I learnt from her; to treat everyone with respect regardless of who they were and their background. At every point, even when in my own mind I wasn’t such a big star (@siruti we know ourselves 😂) , she insisted that we all be treated equally.

She’s principled, almost to a fault and it’s probably why we worked so well together during that period. Watching her take African cinema to the next level with her deal with @netflix has left me feeling so hyped and honored to know her. But more than anything, I’m glad she’s “THE ONE” because I’m confident she’ll handle this with all the grace, class and seriousness this representation deserves. Thank you @genevievennaji for staying true to your craft and continuously breaking the glass ceiling.

We all need to also learn to celebrate each other a little more, because a win for one could be a win for us all. Sometimes it just takes one person opening the door for all of us to get in.