How to make long distance relationships work in 5 simple steps


Most people believe that long distance relationships just never work out.

Your family may no doubt discourage you and tell you that LDR is not worth it and your best friends may advise you to not take it too seriously because the relationship may just break your heart.

According to Coldplay “Nobody said it was easy” as the distance makes everything seems impossible and unachievable at the same time. Things may get hard and complicated, you could end up being lonely and sad at times. However, the distance also makes the simplest of things sweeter. The small wishes of being able to hold the other person’s hand, eat together on the same table, could mean so much when you are in a long distance relationship.

Here are 5 simple tips that will help your long distance relationship work.

1. Avoid excessive communication

It is never a good idea to be very possessive and “sticky”. When you want to make the relationship work, it’s never a good idea to communicate 24/7 because it will only make things worse since you will eventually end up getting tired of each other. Remember that you don’t want that to happen, right? Try to communicate regularly but not too much. The usual “good morning” and “goodnight” greetings are fine and don’t forget to update your partner with what’s happening with your life and how your day was. Send pictures to each other to spice things up – this is what we call “effort”. Just remember not to be too much in her face, remember – you need to give her the gift of “missing you.”

2. The distance is an opportunity

According to a saying, if you want to live together, you need to learn first how to live apart. Look at it as a journey for the both of you or as a test of your love. Instead of thinking that distance will break you both apart, stick to the idea that this will only make your relationship stronger. Remember what Emma said to Will in Glee? She said she’d rather be far from Will but feel close to him rather than close to him but feel really far away.

3. Set the expectations right

Both of the parties should be clear enough on what they expect of each other. Set ground rules so that no one will do things that may take the other by surprise. Answer these questions: Are you exclusive? Can you both date and see other people while both of you are far away? If you have the answers to these questions and then some, then no one is bound to get hurt.

4. Make visits to each other

The “visits” are the best part of the relationship and the highlight of every long distance relationship. After all the yearning and waiting and even the abstinence, you finally get the chance to meet each other at some point, touch each other’s hand and fulfill things that can’t be fulfilled when you are apart.

5. Stay positive

You need to be thinking of what is good for you and your partner. You have to realise that despite the distance, you still have someone you can love and loves you.

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