Man drowns months before wedding in Uganda


A 24-year-old poverty alleviation activist, Steven Kizza, has died after drowning while swimming at Aruu waterfalls in Uganda, police have confirmed.

The incident reportedly happened months before his wedding. He had his introduction in the latter part of 2017.

According to the Aswa River Region Police spokesperson, Jimmy Patrick Okema, the deceased, who worked at Innovation for Poverty Action, drowned on Sunday afternoon.

He said that Kizza, together with his workmates, were on fieldwork in the area before they decided to have a tour of Aruu Falls on Sunday.

“The deceased went for a tour with his colleagues at Aruu Falls on Sunday, but unfortunately, he drowned in water under unclear circumstances while they were having fun,” Mr. Okema said.

He noted that the deceased was rushed to Angagura Health Centre III for medical treatment, where he was pronounced dead.

Mr. Okema said the body of the deceased was later taken to St Mary’s Hospital Lacor mortuary.

A radio presenter, Mr. Bondry Kilenga, who was also at the Aruu Falls, said the deceased drowned after he dived into the deep end of the water.

He said the deceased swam a bit in the water but the force became stronger for him to make it back to where his colleagues were.

“Steve dived into the water out of excitement. He swam a little and as he wanted to get back, he realised the water force was too much for him.

“I saw the fear in his eyes. One of the good swimmers in the group jumped into the water but he was overpowered by the water.

“He laboured to drag Steve for five minutes but I think Steve was already dead,” Mr. Bondry said.

He, however, faulted the management of the place for lacking qualified lifeguards who can save lives of tourists at the site in case of accidents.

“If the place had a good and qualified lifeguard, we wouldn’t have lost Steven.

“The guard didn’t know how to swim because we called him but he didn’t heed our calls,” Mr. Bondry said.

Police have since commenced investigations into the matter.


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