Man dumps girlfriend to marry ‘oyinbo’ woman, returns several years to propose to her


A Nigerian lady has narrated the story of her friend who was unlucky in love.

Narrating her friend’s experience via her Twitter handle, @yettyclassy, the lady, who described herself as a makeup junkie, skincare enthusiast, and content creator, said that her friend did everything to please her lover and his family but that wasn’t enough to keep him.

According to her, her friend, whom she called Bisi, had a boyfriend called Shina who had to travel abroad. While he was away Bisi did everything to please his family members.

However, after some time abroad, Shina came back only for Bisi to discover that he had married a white woman and they were expecting a child together.  She also discovered that Shina’s family had been aware of their son’s marriage the whole time.

Bisi moved on with her life despite the hurt and got married to another man only for Shina to come back, saying he loves her and wants them to get married.

Read full gist below:

Someone I know and value her words greatly told me that when she was younger she was dating this guy. Handsome, ladies man and all that. She loved him with all her heart. E be like this one na to marry o. So she decided to put in her all. 
As God would have it, he travelled out of the country. And since he had already introduced her to his family before he left, she decided to keep in touch with them, buy them foodstuff, go clean their house, wash for the mother etc. Mind you this guy had younger ones o. 

Ladies that could easily do the chores and tell her not to worry but they didn’t talk. Since na she dey find husband, let her work for it. They have seen atm, they’d call her up to ask for money or tell her that food has finished.

And she loves parties and being a fashionista and all. When she goes to their house looking good in her outfit, bag and shoes, they’d be eyeing it. “Ah I like this your shoe o” “come and give me”. She started gifting them her things too. Or she would just buy a new one.

They’d also borrow her stuff to wear out and not return. Even if they do it would be in a horrible state. She couldn’t talk or complain as per “in-laws”. All the while bobo never come back o. She started panicking after a while. No contact nothing. Let’s give hubby a name.

So, Shina has been gone for a while no contacts. The letters stopped coming after a while. Bisi (not real name) started getting worried. She started praying and all that. Her mom called a pastor and the pastor told her to fast dry fasting for 7 days that he’d come back.

“I can’t lose this guy after everything” she decided to fast. On the 7th day after breaking her fast with coconut, she slept off. She then thought she was in a trance. Saw Shina in front of her. She then woke up, startled to actually see Shina standing over her.

She was overwhelmed with emotions. Happy, confused, angry and all. She hugged him and asked him why he hadn’t been in touch. She was like anyways you are back now. Let’s prepare for our wedding it’s been long overdue. Omo na so baba face change. He became sober.

Shina, what’s wrong? All the while he was hiding his finger. She reached for his hands to hold him, to reassure him that her heart had always belonged to him. That she has been keeping herself for him. She then sees a wedding band mark on his finger.

“What is this?” Bisi asks. Shina started stammering. Well, this is what I’ve been trying to tell you since I got in but you’ve been too excited. “E be like say wahala fe happen”. Different thoughts start to jog inside Bisi’s mind. She then adjusts and waits for Shina to talk.

“Well you know how things are over there” Shina starts. Bisi was like “I’ve never travelled out so I don’t know, just say what you want to say”. “I got married because I had to get green card” “I don’t love her o”. Alexa play me E don happen by Psquare.

In fact, I’ve been thinking of how to tell you. I don’t even know how I got here today. Omo Bisi broke into tears. Wait wait wait. Does your mom know about this? Lailai she can’t know. Bisi stood up in anger and left her house to go to Shina’s house to tell his mom about this.

She runs like crazy without knocking into her “in-laws” house. The mom asks “Why can’t you knock?” She goes mommy this is not about knocking o. Did you hear what Shina told me? Mama goes “What did Shina tell you?” In tears, she relays everything Shina told her.

At this time Shina had arrived. Bisi was waiting for a surprised look on the mom’s face, or even to scold Shina for what he did. Mama just said “ehen, and so?”

Mama! You knew? His siblings too were there. None of them looked surprised. You two knew?

Everywhere started spinning.

He did what he had to do. This isn’t even the shocker o. Mama goes “The lady is pregnant “. Shina shouts at her “Mommy!!!” She goes “Kini?” Let’s kuku tell her everything. Bisi’s world was crumbling down on her. She summons small courage.

“Shina please tell me they are lying”. In a high pitched tone, she asks again. “Tell me you didn’t marry someone else and got her pregnant.” Arrrrghh Mommy!!! After everything, I went through for this family!!!! Mama no even flinch.

Shina holds her shoulder and says nothing has to change. We can still get married. It’s just a green card. Bisi says the child nko???? Mama wey them no follow talk put mouth. Ehen! What happened to the child? That’s my first grandchild o!! She’s not aborting it.

So now Bisi was faced with having to marry him with the oyinbo wife and child or walk out of their lives completely.

What do you think she did?

She walks out in tears not knowing where to start from. Mind you she took in before he travelled and miscarried it. She cries for days on end. Refused to eat. She picks up the pieces of her life and moves on. After 30 years dude comes back. Ask me what he came for.

Men have guts sha. He says he’s sorry and he hasn’t been able to love anyone else. Ehn so what do you want me to do? Bisi says. I’m happily married with kids. So I don’t see what this is about. Shina goes “please forgive me”. Bisi says I’m not angry with you it’s all in the past.

“I divorced her,” Shina says. We can be together again. Bisi goes: “You really don’t expect me to leave my husband for you” Bisi laughs. You are very funny. You are in my past now. Let’s leave it that way.

What’s the moral of my story?

Don’t bend over and break your back because you want to marry a husband. Just do you. Whatever will be would be.

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