Man pushes 8 year old boy in front of train in Germany


Police says an Eritrean man on Monday reportedly killed an eight-year-old boy by pushing him in front of an oncoming train at Frankfurt’s main train station in Germany.

The 40-year-old Eritrean also pushed the boy’s mother but she survived.

A police spokeswoman says the man’s motive was unclear and the police is not aware of the connection between the man and the victims.

Isabella said: “according to witness reports, a 40-year-old man pushed the boy and his mother onto the track just as the ICE (high-speed train) was arriving. The mother, thank God, was able to save herself,”

“Unfortunately, the eight-year-old boy was run over by the ICE. He suffered fatal injuries,” she added. “The man concerned … fled the station after the crime. Passers-by took up the chase and the man was detained near the station.”

Frankfurt police said on Twitter that the suspected perpetrator was an Eritrean citizen.

Reports say several platforms at Frankfurt station, a major rail hub in Germany, were shut after the incident.


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