Man reveals – ‘My girlfriend starves me of s*x and behaves childish’


On a popular Nigerian forum, a Nigerian man lament on how his girlfriend has not been giving him the attention that he seeks.

In his post, he mentioned that the girl claims to love him and cannot afford to lose him, but she doesn’t show any sign that the love is existence between them.

He added that she has always been acting childish and always starve him of s*x.

He wrote:

The reason for this write up is for me to get advice on what to do before I go the wrong way, my girlfriend is behaving childish and strange because I showed her all the love I can show.

She has being hurting my feelings so many times and she said she loves me and don’t want to loose me, when I confronted her, she complained that she is too busy that is why even on Saturdays too.

She always picks up quarrel with me and also starves me of sex. I really need advice on what to do.

Thanks a lot.

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