MC Prof Festac Must Laugh Celebrating Festac at 40

Festac Town
Festac at 40

Still in the mood of celebrating Festac at 40 and its always beautiful when you celebrate art and its festival, Festac celebration is not only important to the people of Nigeria alone, but Africans and even the world because this place is history, this place is art.

Festac at 40
MC Prof and Attendees

So MC Prof and his team decided to celebrate this great place with comedy and appreciating the people that has made this place a place to be proud of, the legends that came out of this place, though some are still living here while some relocated already but they still rep here.

It was a night of fun and bringing back the memories of growing up here, the memories they’ve held on to and their childhood memories of how they run around town, making friends and playing around the neighborhood and how the town has influenced them to grow up to be who they are now, that they are been celebrated.

Festac at 40
Nollywood Actress at Festac at 40 Red Carpet

Actress and comedians and veterans all came out to grace the occasion and made it a colorful event and it was fun.

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