Meet Ese’s brother,Onome


The abducted girl from Bayelsa State, Ese Rita Oruru’s brother, Onome, speaks out about her sister in a recent interview with Punch.

OnomeWhen asked about the man who took his sister away, he confirmed the allegations that it was indeed one of his mother’s Hausa customer,Yinusa.

Onome also stated that Ese was in JSS3 when she was abducted.

Read the interview below:

How old are you? .
I am 16 years old. I was born on Nov 23, 1999. .

How did you know?

Because my mother told me so and that is the date I celebrate my birthday every year. I just graduated from secondary school last year here in Bayelsa State, at the age of 16. All my peers are in my age bracket. I am certain of my age because I am old enough to know. Ese and I attend the same school. She was in JSS3 last year when she was taken away. .

What will you tell people who claim your sister is 17, and not 14 years old as your mother has said?

It is funny that these people are saying all sorts of things about my sister and her age. Everybody can see it, it is clear. I can’t be 16 years old, and my younger sister will be older than me. How can she be 17 years old, when my immediate elder sister, will clock 19 years old on March 7 this year? We all have about two years’ age difference in between. Ese clocked 14 on February 22.

Do you know the man who took your sister away? .
Yes, Yinusa is one of these normal Hausa guys around. We usually call them aboki; they sell things in our area. .

Some people also claim that your younger sister said she does not want to come back home to Bayelsa, but that she wants to stay in Kano.
Ese that I know cannot say such a thing. Ese is that kind of person that does not even want to become a Muslim at all; she would not even dream of it. In school, she was one of the strongest Scripture Union members; I know her very well. Then, she also used to tell me to come and join the SU. She did evangelism during break time most times.

What kind of person is your younger sister?
Ese is still a small girl and cannot decide many things for herself. Ese cannot even wash clothes very well. She likes singing and she was a chorister in the church. She likes preaching and praying. She used to preach to me and my friends. All those things they are saying she said are not true; they are manipulations by those people. I am sad about all of this. I just want my sister back home.