Meet Jeflow, African fashion designer who stole the show at the AMVCA 2017 in Lagos


Prince Jeflow, one of Port Harcourt finest fashion designer, fashion is a way of life, while style is the extension of one’s personality.

The fashion entrepreneur, who ventured into mainstream designing by focusing his interest on royal concepts and designs, believes that, even a simple ensemble embellished with luxury can give you an edge above others.

Prince Jeflow, who stole the show at the just concluded African Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards in Lagos, owns the Jeflow Fashion Concept presently located in the heart of Port Harcourt, where chunks of his designs, mostly of royal patterns are made.

See some of Jeflow designs below:

The designer who endeavors to be impeccable in all he does with the “needle and thread” loves to redefine fashion boundaries by breaking the rules. With his intention to relocate his factory to Lagos, the heart of fashion and style, Jeflow is gearing towards making his mark in the world of fashion, making superior outfits.

Read below, excerpts from the interview with the designer:

Why Fashion: I chose fashion as a career because right from childhood, I have always had fashion as a passion, and I realized that (my talent) on time. So, I worked towards my dream where today, I can confidently compete with designers, even at the international level.

What is your favorite part of fashion designing?

All aspects are my favorite, but I love the part where I have to dress and style people up for occasion, especially to suit the event which they need to be dressed for.

What are your sources of inspiration and how do you fuse different thoughts in your designs?
My work is very unique as it is an eclectic mix of the rich and classic craftsmanship of royalty and international trends and forecasts. My aim is to personify royalty. I am being inspired by royalty. That is while I chose “Coming to America” as my favourite movie, and other movies with ancient settings and costumes,   since I get inspired by such movies, specifically by the royal outfits of the character of Akeem (Eddie Murphy).

When asked what his personal styles are, the designer said that he loves to break rules in a subtle way, and like experimenting a lot. Jeflow further said that he constantly experiment and redefine fashion boundaries, especially when it comes to royal wears and designs. “My style stands out because I am not afraid to mix different fabrics with unconventional embroideries.”

Jeflow who is also into interior and outdoor decoration can be reached on or check out his collections on Facebook: prince Jeflow collections Instagram: jeflowconcepts.

Whatsapp / main line is 08147562797 Second line 09021876055





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