Royal Bride, Meghan Markle’s Nude Photo and Video Hit the Net

Nude photos

Nude photos and video of actress, Meghan Markle has been released, few months to her wedding to Prince Harry, and she had no top on at the beach she visited with her friends.

Nude photos of Meghan Markle hits the internet lailasnews

Celeb Jihad claimed that the photos were a “preview” of the many nude photos, that the website has of Markle. The website threatened to release the rest of the photos unless the United Kingdom and Kensington Palace met their demands, including the abdication of Queen Elizabeth II.

Shortly after the photos hit the internet, Kensington Palace issued a statement to The Blast denying the authenticity of the photos. “These are fake photographs,”a representative said, adding no further comment.

Nude photos of Meghan Markle hits the internet lailasnews 1

The response appeared to show that the website may have more explicit videos of Meghan Markle to come and signaled what could be a pitched battle for Kensington Palace. When Kate Middleton’s nude photos were released in 2012, the royal family went on the offensive, suing the French magazine Closer for publishing the photos, which were taken while she was on vacation using a long-range camera lens.

Nude photos of Meghan Markle hits the internet lailasnews 5

As Vogue noted, a judge ordered the magazine to pay Kate Middleton and Prince William 100,000 euros in damages and fined two magazine staffers an additional 90,000 euros for publishing the photos. Though Kensington Palace initially declared that the nude photos of Meghan Markle were fake, reports across social media appear to indicate that the nude video appears legitimate.

Nude photos of Meghan Markle hits the internet lailasnews 3

The nude video was released just after Queen Elizabeth II gave her official consent for Prince Harry to marry Megan Markle. It was not clear if the timing of the leak was intentional to coincide with this news. 

The magazine described the ruling as a “watershed” moment for the royal family, declaring that the pictures were a gross invasion of Kate Middleton’s privacy. That could also set the precedent for a response to the alleged nude video of Meghan Markle, which likely would have been stolen from her. In the past four years, there have been a series of explicit photos and videos released from dozens of celebrities, the majority stolen through phishing schemes. Celeb Jihad did not reveal the source of the alleged nude video of Meghan Markle.