Memories of Festac Fitness Walk II

Festac Fitness Walk

See you next year when we’ll be having the third installment of Festac Fitness Walk III and i’m sure you’ll not want to miss it, we’re already looking forward to what it will look like, but judging from the walk on Saturday we can say it will be great next year because this year’s Festac Fitness Walk II was interesting and fun, we actually don’t want it to end even.

Paramount Life CareA big thank you to everybody that supported, all our sponsors and partners and to everybody that came out to keep fit, you guys made it more fun, the dance moves and the happy smiles on their face will make you not to be tired, you’ll want to walk more miles, their walk will encourage you to walk, awesome crowd.

KemenAnd Kemen was the real deal, really you’ll never know how much you’re loved until you see the appreciation in real life, especially since the birth of Instagram, it’s easy for anybody to just double tap and your likes increase but in real life you don’t double tap, the love Kemen got from the crowd will make you want to be a celebrity yourself, he almost went missing in the crowd, the girls love him, everybody love him and his Shaku Shaku moves, don’t worry, you’ll be the judge of that.

KemenAnd to those that won the Tecno phone i can bet they’ll want to do this every weekend but they walk for the phone, that’s the prize for keeping fit. The walk was interesting, meeting people and exchanging contact and making friends.

So as we wait for the next edition, bookmark the home page and don’t miss a thing because this is just the introduction to the real deal. Thank you for making Festac Fitness Walk II a success, we love you guys.

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