Mental Slavery

Mental Slavery

It’s Sunday today, it was Friday some days back and many were once again sold into Mental Slavery, enslaving themselves with what they’ve heard and what they’ve been thought and the doctrines of where they worship, many are constantly robbed and sold into the kind of believe and ideas that make them to not know what they can achieve and how much they can do for themselves.

Like that saying goes, they fear the day you’ll know the truth because they know from that day, they have no power over you again, so they try not to make you know the truth and they come up with different policies and doctrines and teachings, taking advantage of your innocence and your mind and they plant the idea of destruction into your heart making you see the shadow of the real picture.

It’s so crazy how many minds are in slave, slave of self believe when all you can do is change what you believe, find your truth and free yourself from that mental slavery that has put many people down, that all they think about is a certain figure, a post and someone that’s got brain and flesh and blood like them.

You can’t help but acknowledge the power of words and believe and how people fear change, usually it’s based on the ideology of the devil you know is better than the Angel you’re yet to meet, so they endure and hope for better days with the hand that sell them away. They fear change and believe what they are told by the people they look up to, the people that are robbing them of their freedom and you wonder if they have an idea of what freedom is and how living in freedom can make them the fulfill human being they are meant to be.

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