Miley Cyrus’ 2016 resolution

Red Carpet Arrivals for the US premiere of PARANOIA Featuring: Liam Hemsworth,Miley Cyrus Where: LA, CA, United States When: 08 Aug 2013 Credit: Daniel Tanner/

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Popular songstress,Miley Cyrus, has made some very interesting resolution for the year.

Among her new resolutions for 2016,she plans on quitting social media .

She also plans on becoming a bride this year!

Miley obviously likes to do things originally and on her own terms and would like to ask Liam to marry her.

If he doesn’t pop the question again then she would do it with no questions asked! They are working on getting back together and being official and all signs are pointing to being married. They are very determined to have everything work out like it was supposed to originally.

There are certain things that Liam and Miley will never see eye to eye on and one of those is social media. He can’t stand it and she lives for it, but when she’s with him she stays off it to make him happy. You can pretty much tell by her Instagram when she’s hanging out with him because her account goes silent. It’s one of their rules, and something she will have to stick to if she wants to keep him happy. He wants her to live in the moment when they’re together and put away her phone. It used to be a huge argument when they were together, but clearly she’s seen the light and knows what’s important to her – making Liam happy,a source informed Hollywood Life.