Donald Trump’s Team Seeking to Get 2 Million Cards Signed Ahead His 73rd Birthday


President Trump‘s camp wants him to know how much he’s loved on his most special day of the year … so they’re asking MAGA country to type in their names ASAP.

An email got sent Wednesday to subscribers of the Trump-Pence campaign, and it’s begging for folks to be one of the first to sign a “HUGE” birthday card that his team will bestow on him come June 14 … the Prez’s 73rd birthday. They’re looking for 2 million signatures.

The email reads, “Our goal is to get 2 MILLION signatures to let President Trump know how thankful we are for his incredible leadership in our shared mission to Make America Great Again.” It goes on, “We sent President Trump a card last year, and he loved reading all of the encouraging messages from Patriotic Americans across the country.”

The campaign doesn’t specify if they’re planning on printing a jumbo-sized birthday card with a scroll of autographs attached — it’d have to be pretty damn big if that was the case — or if they’re just gonna DM him the collective well-wishes next Friday.

Something tells us this is just a digital thing though, and people’s “signatures” probably amount to nothing more than spelling out your name on a keyboard and hitting send.

It’s the thought that counts though, right? Nothing like looking at a long list of random names on your b-day to make ya feel warm and fuzzy inside!