The Misinterpretation of the Compliment “Sexy”


Sometimes you just wonder why some compliment can actually be insulting and narrowing someone down to just a definition. We are many things, all you just have to do is define you and not the compliment and words define you, when you define yourself first you know already the compliment that’s meant for you and you begin to see compliments differently.

Many women are not confident about their body or how sexy they are, they still find it offensive when they hear compliments like you are sexy or you’ve got a beautiful body they see it like that’s all you can just see in them. It goes beyond that, these people just pick one of your many definitions to appreciate that part of you they see and appreciate, usually overwhelming and stealing their consciousness away and couldn’t hold but tell their thought to you in honesty, they know you are worth more, that’s why they’ve complimented, to express how much they notice you and how your look has spice their day.Misinterpretation of sexy

How much our body worth sometimes we don’t know, probably because we stayed in it since forever we’ve forgotten how beautiful it is, it takes an outsider sometimes to tell you how glorious your body is, they are seeing beyond what your eyes can probably see, they are seeing another perspective of you, seeing you from a different view that cause excitement in their head little or much. They meant it when they say it, but usually how it’s been said matters too and when they don’t come out right it comes as insulting, while some ladies are just natural they just go with the flow and enjoy the compliment.

Compliments are meant to light us up again, to remind us of who we are and what we want to be, of how beautiful we are created and how hot and pretty our body is. The sexy compliment usually are real and honest, true compliment but often we hear them as improper as words that are fowl that are meant not to be said, or the use of a different word they tend to prefer sometimes, words are meant to carry the true meaning of what we truly intend to say. The body is meant to be complimented, adorn and appreciated, words is just one way to appreciate how glorious the body is and the vibe of the body.


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