Missing boy Timothy Pitzen escapes kidnappers after 7 years


Timothy Pitzen — a 6-year-old child who famously went missing in 2011 and was featured on “Live PD ” — has allegedly been found in Ohio after escaping his captors.

The story’s pretty wild. A teenager claiming to be Timothy called 911 in north Kentucky Wednesday morning and said he’d just escaped his 2 kidnappers. He reportedly said they’d been holding him for 7 years.

Cops went on the hunt, and eventually found the boy in Sharonville, OH … just outside of Cincinnati. He claims he’s 14-years-old now, and managed to escape from a Red Roof Inn … although he’s unsure where the motel was. He describes his kidnappers as white men covered in tattoos on their necks and arms who look like bodybuilders.

It’s unclear if the teen, who’s now in police custody is, in fact, Timothy. A DNA test to confirm his identity is reportedly underway and should take about 24 hours.

Timothy initially disappeared after his mother took him out of school one day for a 3-day vacation, but she ended up being found dead a few days later at an Illinois hotel. A note was found near her body, saying Timothy was safe with people who’d care for him.

The story was heavily covered at the time, and even featured last year on the popular A&E show, “Live PD.” The show produced a visual rendering of what Timothy should look like now.