Mo Abudu Giving Thanks Over the Premier of Royal Hibiscus Hotel

Mo Abudu

Ebony Life CEO Mo Abudu really making us proud and teaching us beautiful lessons too, some few month ago it was all about Wedding Party 2 and now it’s all about Royal Hibiscus Hotel. Mo Abudu giving thanks to God for making it all come to life and people that were by her side.

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Today Lord, I continue to give you all the glory, all the praise and honour. I thank you dear Lord.  Because I know it’s only you that could have made today possible. I thank you for your love, I thank you for the strength, purpose, vision, ability, resources and favour to premiere the Royal Hibiscus Hotel today. Literally a month ago, we had the premiere of The Wedding Party 2 and just a little over a month down the line, here we are premiering another movie. I admit that I found this task rather daunting and even wanted to move the launch till Easter, but you were not having it Lord, you said go out there Mo and do this now. I had no choice than to do just that. I tried to take a holiday after Christmas, but found myself working though my holiday, trying to make sure we could meet this deadline and premiere this movie at this time, with the cinema release just a few days away. It’s been tough, but here we are. I want to say a big thank you to the entire team, that have worked so hard to make today happen from the the beginning of this process from the scripting, to the casting, the principal photography, to the post production, to the music score, the PR, the event planning, our film distributors and our sponsors, whom without you all today would not be possible. I thank you all and not forgetting my own core team… My Mum, my children, my sisters, my friends, my  P.As, my driver and the entire EbonyLife TV Family… and of course to all my followers  and supporters out there that support me day in, day out. From me to you all, I say a special prayer, that God will meet you at your point of need, he will never leave you, favour will always be yours. Please Nigeria, support #RHHMovie by going to watch it at a cinema near you from the 9th Feb. It’s a film made with LOVE about LOVE for this season of LOVE. God bless you and keep you all as you do so????. My darling @tybello thank you for this beautiful picture. It’s the first time I am releasing it.?❤?. This is probably the longest post I have ever done. It truly comes from my heart…and this has been a rather tough week for me, but I know God is in control!