Moët Abebe slams Nigerians over her twerking video, says ‘Make your mothers your role model, NOT Me!’


Moët Abebe has a response for Nigerians who are criticising her over her twerking video .

The drama started yesterday when the Soundcity presenter took to her social media to share a throwback video of her twerking vigorously for the camera, and this stirred some reactions.

While some praised her twerking skills, others called her out for posting ‘immoral’ clips on the social platform. But Moet had a terse clapback coming.

Plix, I’m not a ‘role mode’. I’m here to f** shit up with my talent,” said the upset OAP who said she is in an “industry where you have to express yourself the best way you know how.

She continued, “I’m here to make money and have fun doing what I was born to do. So you either get used to 2017 being filled with “bikini” photos and memorable moments of me, or you just be that “role model” for your child or better yet make your mother your role model and not me!

Is the OAP getting her fierce inspiration from singer Rihanna?

Recall that Rihanna had said several times that she is not a role model and so doesn’t expect any fan to look up to her as some icon who would set some moral standard for them. “I am not a role model,” said the BBHMM singer, adding, “I break rules even when I don’t intend to.

Now, Moët Abebe is echoing the same thoughts – but are Nigerians really feeling the fierce persona?

See the post and what folks think: