Moment Nigerian Lady Opens Her Birthday Gift To Find Loads Of Cash Stuffed Inside (Video)


A Nigerian lady who had the feeling that she was about to unbox a new designer handbag gift for her birthday, was totally shocked after she discovered the wads of Naira notes which were concealed in the bag.

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The video which captures the moment the lady received the expensive gift has since been going viral on the internet. In the video, the lady is seen opening a white box with designer name, Prada written on it and on opening the box, she sees a pretty nude bag with stacks of cash embedded in it.

With live music played at the background and tons of other gifts including cakes, the ecstatic lady couldn’t hold back her joy as she found the first stack of cash in the bag, only to discover that there’s way more where it came from.

Filled with ecstasy, the lady brought out another stack of cash and there were still so much more.

The stacks were 500 Naira notes.

Watch the video below,