Morachi Talking About What Won’t Give Artist True Fans


‘Hapuya’ crooner Morachi said in a lengthy post he shared on his Instagram page what won’t give celebrities true fans

”Since y’all hate the truth i will start serving it Hot & not cold!!!!! Dear Artistes & record labels no amount of give Aways will get you genuine fans & loyal supporters who love your brand & content genuinely…Only good & quality music backed up with serious dedication & consistency Can….Until you can organically engage the emotion of the audience through your music then sorry you ain’t got no fans!!!! You only got internet bullies & Cloned fans disguised as opportunist Who are only there for what they can get from you!!! If you claim to be a die hard fan and don’t have any of my works which you claim to love reposted on your page then i do not recognize you as a die hard fan….if you have to pity a artiste to accept their song then you might as well keep your pity & love and let such artiste go back and work harder !!!! Dear Artiste until your music can make a consumer cry out of love or go extra mile to purchase your works then sorry you ain’t got no Fan….best the truth be spoken than sealed!!!! Let’s stop deceiving ourselves……if you know you are not a genuine fan or supporter of my brand kindly unfollow yourselves because i am about to clean up this closet!!!!! You can’t stop loving a brand simply because they say the truth!!! If you will stop listening to my music because of the truth then you had better start doing that right away!!!! If others are afraid to speak i ain’t!!!!! I am not afraid to lose what’s not genuinely mine ??