Mother jailed for allowing her two daughters to be raped


A mother who let her boyfriend rape her two daughters has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Tracey Glover, 44, pleaded guilty to two counts of rape for allowing Alberto Hernandez to rape the girls while she was in bed with them in their home in Columbus, Ohio.

Prosecutors said Glover held one of the girl’s arms to calm her. The girls were aged eight and 13 at the time.

Glover testified against Hernandez, who was sentenced to lie in prison for four counts of rape, in exchange for the 10-year sentence.

“I’m not a perfect mom, but I’ve always been there for them,” she told Franklin County Common Pleas court.


“My daughters mean everything to me. I would die for them. I can’t justify what I did.”

Judge Chris Brown told her the children “didn’t mean enough” to her.

The court heard Glover has a history of mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction and was sexually absed as a child, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

She was also the victim of domestic violence by a number of men, including Hernandez.

Glover told the judge she hoped to be reuinited with her daughters one day.

“I’d recommend you let them reach out first,” Judge Brown told her. “If they want a relationship with you after this, you should let them initiate that.”