My mum did not attend my wedding


A lady took to her Facebook page to seek for an advice on what to do about her mum and her shared story.

Read what she wrote below:

‘’My parents divorced before I became of age. My dad (now late) has had to go through 2 marriages before I became an adult.
It was not until I gained admission into the University that I started relating with my mum… only because we live in the same town. And somehow-her current husband sought me out.
They have two more daughters together. And I noticed that the elder one began to see me as a rival… almost to the point of disrespecting me. We were quarrelling a lot and my mum wasn’t cautioning the girl as she should. It made me very bitter. Coupled with my hurts about her leaving me for my dad and his ‘strange’ wives to raise.
Eventually, I got married. I only brought my husband to meet my mum and her family once. We bought fruit juice for them.
My mum didn’t attend my wedding. She probably feared my dad’s people would not welcome her.
I was in my final year when I had my first child and she frequented my ‘off campus’ apartment to baby sit for me while I went for my classes.
Shortly after I graduated from school. I left to join my husband at his base. My mum started complaining to our mutual friends that my husband and I didn’t treat her as well as mothers who come for ‘Omugo’ should.
I didn’t like the side talks.
Out of anger, I asked the person that relayed her ‘side talks’ to me, to tell her that I won’t let such interference make me have a failed marriage like her (my mum).
And that’s also the last time I set eyes on them in over 10 years.
Joining my husband at his base…
I found out that things are not rosy at all. He shoulders so many family responsibilities and his business wasn’t doing so well.
So, I began from day one to hustle. And today, I have a thriving business.
I have since had two more babies but the problem is that I have tried so hard to re- establish a relationship with my mother and her daughters but she keeps rebuffing my efforts.
She neither takes my calls nor replies my messages.
The days that she chooses to pick, we talk like strangers. No motherly disposition from her towards me.
Recently, I extended an invitation (through my mum) to her daughters to come spend their holiday with me. My mother told me that they said they are busy.
Parliament, all I am trying to do is to nurture a ‘mother-daughter’ relationship with my mother but her attitude is not welcoming at all.
My mother doesn’t even know my husband. They have only met once-the day that I took him to go see them. And it was a brief meeting, which took place around 8 pm… for less than 30 minutes.
My children don’t know her, either. She has only set her eyes on the first one- during the first weeks of his birth.
Please advise me on how to handle this.
Should I go my way and close this chapter for good? After all, people that are motherless still live fulfilled lives.
I am in my mid-30s. All parties are from Imo state.’’




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It didn’t all happen at once&#44 but over time&#44 so you can definitely get some wear out of them&#44 but I’m happier with the CVC (sturdy) and TriBlend (soft).~3|Kal^I give this product a 1 star simply because it didn’t last very long (worn twice) before it began ripping at some of the seams&#44 meaning the thread strength is pretty weak.I wanted these shirts for exercising in. I wanted something that fit comfortably&#44 reasonable price point&#44 and would last a while. I have some “Urban Pipeline” solid T-shirts from Kohl’s that are amazing after years of use&#44 but I wanted something new and was disappointed in whatever changes they made to those shirts.The high reviews of this shirt made me decide to try it out. I washed it initially&#44 worn it&#44 and washed it once more before wearing it the second time. When I removed the shirt I heard a tearing noise and then discovered some rips along the seam in the front of the neck. 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The fabric is really soft on not too thick or thin&#44 they feel very well made and for the price you can’t beat it.~5|

  11. Holly DW^This was a hit for my Percy Jackson obsessed son. I said it fit a little large. That’s kind of hard to quantify for me&#44 though&#44 as I did purchase an adult instead of youth for him. But it still seems kind of big&#44 taking into consideration that.~4|Merrisa^~4|Rpbcm^Arrived quickly and very nice shirt. It fit our teenager about right for a adult medium. The thickness of the shirt is about as equal to some of the t-shirts that you see on tv advertised. Print appears to be good and our hopes that it will last a little while. I would order from this seller again and we are hoping to find that they offer the other Camp t-shirt in child sizes.~4|Ana G.^Purchased this for my teenager in an XL. I am always worried about sizing when I order online but this shirt fit very well and is about the same as any other XL found at stores. The design is great&#44 no peeling or anything.~5|Jessie Fan^Awesome for Percy Jackson fan. My middle school daughter loves it. She loves the fact you must have read the books to “get” the shirt.~5|Amazon Customer^Being a bit of a book nerd and being absolutely in love with Rick Riodran’s work&#44 I wanted this shirt for a Halloween costume (I was going to be dressed as Jason)&#44 and even after Halloween I still wear it&#44 it’s a good fit and if you’re into Rick Riodran’s work and into buy fan merchandise it’s definitely something you should look into.~5|Adam Despen^Hasn’t worn out yet and was great for halloween.~5|Alexia Jess^My son loves this shirt. He wears it once a laundry cycle&#44 and would dig it out of his laundry hamper and wear it dirty if he thought he could get away with it!~5|Casey^My brother is obsessed with the Percy Jackson series. I bought him the orange Camp Halfblood shirt last year for Christmas&#44 and he’s worn it out already so I bought the Camp Jupiter shirt for this year&#44 and he stripped down and changed before he even had the box open! LOVED it!~5|M. Pierce^I bought this for my son who’s heavily into Roman history. Fit well&#44 the color was vibrant&#44 which I liked. It didn’t shrink in the wash. It’s held up well. Would buy again.~5|

  12. Bill Gehring^I was looking for a first layer for aerobic winter sports but didn’t want to pay $30 or more. This shirt fits the bill. I normally take a large&#44 but ordered an extra large to insure that it would stay tucked in. It is a great deal for the price. It should be noted that the fabric is quite stretchy&#44 which is fine by me. Liked it enough to order two more. They’ve been washed several times and are holding up well so far. No special treatment.~5|lmark5^My hubby is a big guy&#44 always an XXL. This fits like all the other shirts of similar material. I wish it was a tad longer but for this purpose (beach&#44 kayaking) it’s fine. I HAD to have one with the UPF 50+ and this fit the bill. Soft&#44 comfortable and he feels protected. Shipped ridiculously fast and very well packaged. I wasn’t worried about the no returns because pretty much all XXLs fit him.~5|Xavier T. Guillaume^I bought this shirt because I just started doing hot yoga. The fit is really good. The quality is good. My favorite part is that the shirt sucks up all my torso’s sweat&#44 so it’s not dripping all over my yoga mat. When I get home I hang it up right away&#44 and I think it’s designed to dry well because it’s not stinky as long as I hang it. My only problem with this shirt is that when I am doing a yoga stretch where my head is bent down&#44 the weight of the shirt falls onto my face. So I’m like holding this pose&#44 with this wet sweaty shirt stuck to my face&#44 and I have to like lift one of my hands to hold it off my face. That’s the only downside. I don’t know if I got a smaller size if that would stop happening. If anyone has any experience with this and if buying a smaller size helps&#44 please let me know. Great shirt! Will definitely buy more eventually.~4|Josh^Great Shirts. I bought these in a rush to prepare for a backpacking trip to Spain. I’m usually hesitant to buy clothes online&#44 because I find that the fit is hard to guess at. I’m especially cautious when it comes to material that isn’t cotton&#44 because it’s especially unflattering when the fit is poor. These shirts totally delivered: the material is very light&#44 water wicking and seems to be good quality. The fit is perfect&#44 they’re neither a torso skirt nor a walking tent. I’m very pleased with my purchase&#44 and might order a few more for the gym.~5|Amazon Customer^These are shirts to wear when working outside in the sun; I own a landscaping business and these shirts are the Best I’ve come across:-)~5|Sandra B.^I ordered this shirt in the light grey. Was impressed with the quality of construction and the feel of the material. It is just the type of garment to wear in this oppressive heat with the extremely high humidity. The fact that is does wick away moisture and also protects from the sun makes it the go to tee for all summer activities! Would highly recommend! I received this shirt in exchange for an honest review.~5|Mal145^Prompt delivery&#44 fits very well&#44 not clammy in the heat~5|Saltydog46^Great feel&#44 perfect fit&#44 good looking and sun block! Got two short sleeve&#44 gonna get more.~5|Kshira^You will be very satisfied with this shirt~5|

  13. Jeffrey Macesin^Great design&#44 and perfect fit. A must have for Jaws fans!~5|Jacob^Perfect and got here just in time for Shark Week! Everyone was envious! I’ve worn and washed it five or six times already and it is still bright and the image is intact.~5|Amazon Customer^great size&#44 quality&#44 and graphic.~5|Nithious^Just like picture sizing is correct for me. Let’s hope it holds its colors with washes.~5|Biggerjim66^Funny shirt~5|Styles^Fits well… Made well… My husband is happy~4|

  14. James0063^Decent shorts&#44 but if you order the green shorts&#44 be aware that the product image does not match what you will receive. The black dots on the actual shorts received are much larger than what is pictured in the product listing and look more like big polka dots. See photo of what I received.~3|JimmieJo^Great pants for the price. I wear size 34 and got the XL. Waist is perfect but length about 2 inches longer than my pearl izumi’s. However I wear a large in pearl izumi&#44 so I went by what the previous feedback advised and got one size larger and could have worn the large and not the XL. Anyway the material is as good as the pearl and padding a little skimpy&#44 but overall they are nice pants.~4|C J^I *love* these shorts. My first pair ever and my first ride in them was a genuine pleasure. Let’s start with the sizing: I am 6’3″ 165lbs 32″ waist and typically wear medium. Based on the overall info here I opted for the US Large which fits perfectly! I’ll admit it feels… odd to walk around with that padding down there but I imagine I’ll adjust. The comfort while riding was a real surprise and will make the adjustment worthwhile.I can’t yet speak to durability in either miles or washes but if I notice anything noteworthy I’ll update my review. In the meantime&#44 I’m ordering a second pair ??~5|Gabe^I’m normally a size medium or large. I ordered this in XL and it fits me well. It seems as well made as any other bike shorts I’ve worn&#44 including some that are much more expensive. The padding is quite generous and cushy&#44 which I like. Very comfy. I’m more than satisfied.~5|KWheel^Had a misfire on the first pair. I am 6’5&#44 36″ waist&#44 3XL was the recommendation and they were too large. XXL fits me perfect. I’ve not worn these on the road yet since it’s still snowing here&#44 but after a few hours on the training stand I’ve not thought about them once which in my book means they are comfortable. There are some long threads left hanging from some of the seams but they don’t look like they will pose a problem.~4|Ronnie W.^I ordered the black shorts with the neon green highlights for visibility. I was disappointed when the shorts did not match the picture. The polka dots are much more pronounced on the ones I received. Looks tacky but I am too lazy to return it.~4|Amazon Customer^After 3 rides&#44 about 7 hours total wearing them&#44 I really like them. The fit is good and the gripper elastic around the legs works. The “Asia XXL=US X-Large” size is good with my 38″ waist. They stayed quite comfortable in 82 degrees F and 76% humidity. The gel cushioning is in smaller sections&#44 rather than 1 big section on each side that I’m used to&#44 and I think that works a bit better. Of course&#44 no idea yet how durable they will be&#44 but they feel solid&#44 not flimsy. Note there is not a drawstring at the waist&#44 just elastic (not gripper) – I use suspenders&#44 so can’t say if the elastic would be enough on its own.~5|Cynderella^Great product. Great price. Very comfortable. Highly recommend these shorts. Quality is really good&#44 better material than most of my cycling shorts (I’m FM & to be honest the quality of most of my dozen pairs is sub par. These exceed the quality of them all). They’re a little long for me but for guys they’d be the perfect length.~5|Bestinthewest^These shorts are simply incredible. The design and colors pop and look really sleek. The materials are top notch and comparable to $100 shorts in my opinion. They fit tight like most people state. The padding is where I was very surprised and happy with. Very cushioned padding in all the right places and 20+ mile rides are not painful anymore. I highly recommend these.~5|Terry L White^Excellent fit&#44 comfort and support where its needed. Clearly made by someone who actually bikes because the padding is where it is needed and of the correct thickness. The banded cuffs make sure they don’t ride up at any time. I’ll be buying more from Sponeed!~5|

  15. Jerrica B.^I bought this shirt as part of an evening of escalating dares. It was exactly as shown in the photo and described by many in the reviews: Soft weathered blue&#44 a little on the roomier side&#44 big vintage print&#44 tag-less. I immediately bought it again.I’ve made a huge mistake.The second shirt was a plain baby blue shirt. The print looked like a bad iron-on and smaller in scale. Scratchy tag. It took 4 weeks to arrive.The nice shirt came from TV Store Online by Ripple Junction. The not-great shirt came from Excellent culture shop. See pictures.I hope this helps.~5|RJL^I’m usually somewhere between a Medium and a Large for t-shirts. This Medium ended up a bit narrow down the shoulders and slightly tight around the tummy area. It’s not so small though that I can’t wear it&#44 just not my ideal fit (I’m very picky). I think I probably would have been better off with a Large this time around. For reference I’m 5’9″ with an average build and a Banana Republic Medium is my ideal fit.~5|Bartol Babich^The moment I opened the package&#44 I knew something was off. The shirt is far darker than the shirt pictures. And the decal seems cheap. Doesn’t match the shirt in the picture. It’s darker&#44 and looks horrible. It seems like it’s a knock-off. “Officially Licensed”? That seems like a BS statement.~3|Lou C.^The T-shirt design frankly looks awful&#44 and not as described. The material is a shiny material that seems to have been ripped out of MS Paint cropping. Besides the shoddy design (which looks like a dollar store version of the one in the picture)&#44 there seems to be a few dozen loose threads and the color is substantially darker than the light blue pictured.The Chinese manufacturer shipped the design literally a week late — if it weren’t for a Christmas present&#44 I would have returned it.With that said&#44 not everything was bad. The underlying T-Shirt is 100% cotton and looks comfortable.~4|Cautious Buyer^I really wanted this shirt&#44 but when it arrived it was a poor quality bootleg image. The shirt itself was a generic t-shirt that was comfortable and fit as expected but the image was grainy in parts and looked like it was a poor quality scan from the original logo. Don’t bother.~3|Louise Lawson^Usually buying t-shirts online there is something wrong with them. Problems like itchy&#44 wide torso&#44 long sleeves&#44 etc.This shirt is great. I am a skinny-fit guy and this fits great. The material is soft and light&#44 which I prefer.And it’s also a perk to meet other fans of the show&#44 they tend to be nice people.~5|Mr. F^T-shirt looks nothing like picture. Made with some weird plastic-y material. Logo looks like they used an printed it with something from the stone age.Disappointed Amazon allows sellers like this to have deceptive and misleading products.~3|Renae Krueger^This shirt is nothing like it’s described in the picture….. the one I received is made almost from the fabric of athletic gear (but who knows bc there’s no tag!) the graphic/image is really low quality and pixelated up close…. it seems that people are receiving all different types of the same shirt with different materials? Im giving it three stars because the sizing is accurate and the image isn’t COMPLETELY obliterated&#44 and I’ll still use it for gym visits but I’m definitely disappointed.~3|Kerri^This shirt is perfect! I purchased it for a family member&#44 and she cannot get over how soft the material is. She is rather petite&#44 so she had to take in the sides prior to it fitting properly. Aside from that&#44 she has nothing but good things to say about it.~5|Kremz^Love it! Only recommendation is the sizes are slightly larger than normal. I usually get a Medium and this one has a larger collar ring and is a little lenghty. But doesn’t detract from my love of AD. There’s always money in the banana stand.~5|