”My collection is worth people’s mortgage,and nobody comes close” – Hushpuppi brags.


Nigerian social media big boy, Hushpuppi has trampled on the predicaments of poor Nigerians as he brags about his collection of footwears on social media.

Just this weekend, he was seen in a battle with Davido on the dance floor as they spray hard currencies at Wale Adeleke’s wedding. Age was a guest at the event and he made his presence felt by raining dollar notes on the bride and groom as they have their first dance.

Like that was not enough to oppress his followers, he appeared on social media again today to throw a direct shot at poor people. In the post, Hushpuppi shows off his impressive shoe collection, which he thinks costs more than some people’s mortgage.

For a minute after his fellow social media billionaire Mompha was arrested, Hushpuppi went into hiding out of fear.

He’s back now and flaunting what he got.

Check out the collection below…