My fiancee sent her nude to a married father of 2 in US


I have been dating this girl going to 2years now and we are planning to settle down probably next year. I have known this girl for a very long time because we have dated before when I just got admitted to the university but we ended after a short period.

So After few years that we’av graduated, we met again and fortunately we were both still single, so we decided to start dating again and this time we are more serious and planning for future.

I realized she must have dated many guys when I left her because it was a long time ago, so I decided to change her phone number just to avoid any connection with any guy from her past since am planning my future with her now.

But after a while, I noticed some of these guys still chat her on FB and Instagram and she replies, and one even sent her money and I was totally mad at her but later we resolved it.

So back to the main issue that just came up recently. I don’t know what took me to her Facebook profile and I decided to go through her messages.

I noticed one of the guys she claimed to be her uncle was a man friend she has known from the past, this guy is married with 2kids living in the US.

I noticed my girl sent her nude to him and they were having sex chat, so I acted like I didn’t see anything and I invited her to my house the next day and tell her what I saw.

Then she started crying, immediately I gave her 3 hot slap and asked her to leave my apartment but she wouldn’t leave but kept crying on the floor and said she’s ready to swear with death if such ever happened again, that she was just stupid.

Well, I dragged her out of my house, and since then all her family from different places have been calling me pleading on her behalf except her Mom and Dad which she can’t tell about it.

I noticed she has changed her phone number and delete her Facebook account after what happened, but I told her it’s already late when her aunt called me.

Honestly, I still love her, because she’s the only girl I ever fell for but won’t I look stupid if I accept all the pleading and continue with her? And can such a girl make a good wife?

She’s too vulnerable, too emotional and she has dated a lot of guys in the past, so it scares the hell out of me to settle down with her, so that man no go die an untimely death.

Her aunt said she wants to come and meet me this weekend but I told her I will get back to her. Do you think I should let her come?


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