My wife is not very good with domestic chores


‘’My wife engaged the services of a minder some months ago.
That’s about one month after our third baby came and my wife had about 5 months to the end of her maternity leave.
The minder also doubles as a housekeeper.
Sometimes, she goes to the market and cooks.
We pay her 25K monthly but she comes from home…8 am every morning and she leaves by 5/6pm.
Now, the lady has worked for about 5 months with us but my wife is saying that once the lady collects her pay for the month of July…her employment will be terminated.
When I asked what the issue was.
Friends, I received the most unreasonable response that I have ever heard in my life.
And it’s kept me wondering if I actually knew the woman I married.
In the words of my wife ‘’, she (the minder) has made herself too comfortable in my house. Imagine frequenting my kitchen to make food for herself without seeking my permission first.
She enters the kitchen to eat anything she likes. What is she feeling like, my co-wife or what?’’.
When I asked what her alternative is, she claimed that she would start taking the baby to daycare and that she will also find a younger live-in minder.
I also asked her if there is anything else the lady does that is making her consider sacking her, she said no.
Just that she doesn’t such like audacity as ‘’going into the kitchen to eat her food…after all, she receives a salary.’’
The current one should be a woman in her late 30s or 40s but she is not married.
I just don’t know how to meditate in this matter without making my wife think I have any extra interest in the lady.
I am just disturbed that a decent woman’s livelihood would be cut short in this manner.
That lady is very good with our kids. And since we employed her, my time became fully mine.
My wife is not very good with domestic chores and most of the time; one would end up doing most things while she minded the kids.
Has the lady really done any wrong in all these?
I will forward all your responses to her, I am just tired. Maybe she will have a re-think about her decision when she sees the issue from the perspective of other people. Thank you.
All parties are from Enugu state. My wife works at a private University here in the South East. I also work in the same institution but as non-academic staff. My wife is 36.
I am 43.’’

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