Nanny arrested for assaulting 2-year-old [video &photos]



The wicked nanny who was seen in an online video horribly assaulting a toddler, has been identified, arrested and arraigned before a court in Uganda.

As earlier reported, the disturbing video of a woman brutally assaulting a child was a trending topic on the Internet some days ago. In the video, the heartless nanny can be seen slapping and punching a baby girl because she vomited the food she was being fed. After a hard slap and a punch, the woman can be seen afterwards picking up the toddler and throwing her on the floor. She can be seen hitting the baby with a hard object that looks like a torchlight and also violently kicking the baby girl on the floor.

Details of the incident were not known when the video went viral on the Internet, but the cheering news is that the nanny, Jolly Tumuhiirwe, has been arrested and charged to court.

According to Ugandan top tabloid website, The Investigator, the incident happened in Uganda and was discovered by the father of the toddler, Erick Kamanzi, who had fixed a hidden camera in the house.

The Investigator reports that on Saturday, November 15, Kamanzi returned home from work and found some bruises on the baby’s body. He immediately checked out the footage of his hidden camera which reveals his 22-year-old nanny, Jolly Tumuhiirwe, beating his daughter mercilessly and subjecting her to torture. Erick Kamanzi was the one that posted the disturbing video on Youtube.

Out of anger, the Erick pounced on the nanny and beat her to a pulp. The nanny somehow escaped to call the attention of the police who arrested her master, Erick Kamanzi, charging him with assault.

Erick Kamanzi however explained his actions to the police and showed them the video and the nanny, Jolly Tumuhiirwe, was immediately arrested and thrown in prison.

After being initially arraigned before Nakawa court on the charges of Anti-torture, police contemplated on the revise of the charge and upgraded it to attempted murder.

The evil nanny, Jolly Tumuhiirwe is expected to appear before a judge on Monday, December 8, to face further charges that include attempted murder.
According to the report by The Investigator, the toddler is alive and well in his father’s care.