New Culture, New Tribe

New Tribe

The new culture and the new tribe is be about understanding first, about the knowledge and the reason behind every action and with the current stage of humanity and the everyday breakthrough and increase in creativity, lots of things are been questioned about their mind how these people think and what made them, since they stay in the same society, so they raise allegations.

Having fun is one interesting way of life because it helps you relax and gives you clear head for you to think and create beautiful art, the kind of fun we have shape our life and mentality, though the society might see it wrongly even when you have a different motive like they suspect, like WO and now Science Student, but basically it’s all about marketing and ego.

The generation that gave birth to this generation have their vision of what they want this time to be like, but like the popular saying of you knowing more than your teachers is the reality of this time and the best explanation they have for this is the use of substance, that triggers creativity like they claim, making creativity look like a guilt.

Times Up, time is changing and new culture is breeding but the reality still remains, not all creatives are under the influence of substance and just because people act and live differently and have a different sense from the everyday people does not mean they are in use, maybe their 5minute madness last longer and they just take advantage of it to think wide and wild.

So we all campaign against the use of use and also against the wrong accusation of people and creative work, freedom is the new culture and people that live freely are the new tribe, be creative and be free, not like the everyday people in the society, just have fun and be human.