Nigerian lady and her 3 kids born in Germany deported overnight for no reason(Video)


A video has been going viral on the internet about a Nigerian lady and her three children who are reportedly deported from Germany overnight for reasons not explained to them,she claimed.

The lady and her three children was seen roaming the streets of lagos after they landed in Nigeria from Germany,and has taken to the streets to beg for food and other help from passersby.

In her own account of the event the laid to their deportation,she started that immigration officials stormed her home where she lived with her children who are basically German citizens since they were born in the country,and asked them to pack their belongings and leave town at once.

When asked if she has any idea why German immigration officials would deport their citizens(her Children),she said ,’I have no idea’because they didn’t explain anything to me.

A good samaritan Nigerian who offers to help them insisted on sharing this video to help seek justice for this stranded family.

here is the video below