Nigerian Man Talk About the Huge Sacrifice of Parenthood


Like most people already know, parenthood is a huge sacrifice and this is the message Son of David buttressed in his now viral post. Sharing details of a recent experience he had the mall, he revealed how he watched a man forfeit buying new shoes just to buy grocery for his family. Surprisingly, the items amounted to N170,000, proving that the man will go above and beyond to make his wife and kids happy while is needs are suspended till more in flow of cash is available to him. Even at that, it is clear he will most likely attend to the needs of his family first.

Many people immediately agreed that raising kids and deciding to become a responsible parent is a huge sacrifice and one many people don’t even talk about. Often times, it takes a lot of emotional, mental and financial stability to raise good kids. It’s why most people advise that children should be bore in marriage, giving the level of commitment the couple already have as partners. However, being a married couple doesn’t guarantee one would be a good parent. It’s just a step in the right direction. Many can relate to this post and indeed, having kids is not as simple as many believe it to be.

I ran into a man @ Shoprite, whom I had seen earlier at a shoe shop picking a shoe after another and didnt buy any, saying I cant afford it. When he swiped 170k+ for groceries & children’s things in Shoprite, I sighed as if d money left my account. Parenthood is a huge sacrifice. – Jesuisnaija

And the reply he got

Now imagine what single mothers go through.. – Child Support Advocate, Mogul Woman @The_OllieMead

As a parent, I relate with this. If you haven’t sacrificed for your kids, denied self so they can have, you haven’t loved enough. Biologists call it the altruistic gene. It’s in parents. – Horace Awi @AwiHorace