Five young Nigerians arrested in Dubai for Armed robbery (Photo)


Authorities have arrested five Nigerian men in connection with a daring armed robbery at a money exchange house in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Five Nigerian men arrested in Dubai for robbery

According to the police, the suspects who are in their 20s stole currencies worth over Dh2m during a robbery that lasted seven-minute at the Al Tauwain branch of the Al Ansari Exchange on March 20.

Foreign and UAE currencies worth Dh2.3m were recovered from the suspects, according to report.

Commander-in-chief of the Sharjah Police, Major General Saif Ziri Al Shamsi, who gave details at a press conference said,

“Four of the suspects entered the exchange and attacked its employees, while the fifth was waiting for them in a car outside.

“The suspects also threatened the employees with sharp weapons before taking away cash. The whole operation lasted seven minutes.”

The suspects got in by reportedly smashing the panel at the exchange with hammers before they jumped into the counter where the safe box was kept.

Two employees at the exchange allegedly sustained minor injuries in the process of resisting the suspects.

According to Al Shamsi, the suspect had escaped by the time the police were informed of the robbery because the employees failed to press the alarm that would have alerted them on time.

The first suspect was arrested withing 48hrs after the gang traveled in a used car. The went separate ways and planned to communicate via Facebook.