BBNaija Nina Warns Alex “Don’t drag me into your negativity”


BBNaija former housemates Nina and Alex are on each others neck once again even after it seems things are starting look lovey for the duo.

It all started when Alex shared a picture of herself rocking the Henna hand dye.. a style Nina previous rocked and shared on her page.

Trouble started when a fan of Nina, @wizzycollins46 decided to call out the dark-skinned dancer for copying Nina’s Henna..

Nina tells Alex

Nina tells Alex

Collins wrote: “Must you copy? Copying nina tattoo will not make you fine, smh”.

Then Alex responded thus: “Bla ewu ah, first off it’s not a tattoo. Second of all, it wasn’t made for anybody in particular as many people have done it before and will still do it, third of all, lunatics are not allowed to comment here, I can hear your doctor call. It’s time for your medication. Now run along and play with sand.”

“You will tell me when nina invented henna. (bia did I spell it well biko?) Anumpam.”

…and then Nina took to her IG Story to subtly respond to Alex..