Nnamdi Kanu absent in court ”Abaribe soon to loose N100m bail bond”


Following Nnamdi Kanu’s absence in court today and filing of motion by Senator Abaribe seeking to be discharged as Nnamdi Kanu’s surety, the judge reportedly gave Sen. Abaribe’s Lawyer, Mr. Ogechi Ogunna three options.

One of the options was for Abaribe to produce the defendant in court and then apply to be discharged as a surety.
The other option the judge gave was for Abaribe to be ready to forfeit his N100m bail bond. The third option ‎was to ask to be given time to produce the defendant.

But Ogunna replied saying “he (Abaribe) is not in a position to do any of these.” Punch reports that the judge insisted tha‎t Abaribe must opt for one of the three options. With the judge’s insistence, Ogunna opted to be given time to produce him. The two other sureties were not represented in court on Tuesday.

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