Notes on the Wall by Eva

Eva Alordiah

So basically it’s about being in a relationship for the love of it and not just for sex, especially when the demand for the sex is coming from one party which really means the other half is in the relationship for the sex and not for the love or the company.

So according to Eva don’t make it that complicated after all we are all learning from each other.

PS: I sincerely believe We can share our opinions and ideas and not force our own world views and perception down on others, please leave your 2cents without having to be argumentative or insulting. We are all Learning from each other’s ideas but true learning would only come from oneself. In the end I know nothing at all, I only share my thoughts

#Repost : @thefinallylife Relationships are complicated. But don’t make it more complicated by staying with someone who only wants Sex and more sex from you.
If thats all your relationship is about, then you are only taking less than you truly deserve.

This can go both ways for both genders.
Wait to be in a wholesome relationship that balances you out in everyway, one where giving and receiving, sharing and building up, serving and helping are all interwoven in a fine web of Love, Passion and Friendship. #sex #relationships