NYSC members caught having sex in Kano Camp,nigerians reacts.


A Twitter user posted on the Social network about some corpers who were caught having sex in Kano’s NYSC camp. Of course, we all know what happens when the authority catches people fornicating in camp; automatic expulsion from camp, and forfeiture of the service year.

See the reaction of some Nigerians:

nysc decamp corpers for having sex
nysc decamp corpers for having sex

Well, Nigerians didn’t take the news lightly as some of them reacted negatively, claiming that the system needs to be changed. Some claim that “fornicating” is not Nigeria’s biggest problem. While others asked that a law be brought in that having sex in camp is legal as far as it is not done in public. Lol!

nysc decamp corpers for having sex 2

One of the complainants, Ijeche Oniche, said;

Decamping people for having sex has to stop. Nigeria is a secular country, or is supposed to be, and fornication is not a criminal offence.

Another said;

They want to decamp them because they had sex……useless hypocrites, after they would have finished molesting innocent underaged girls, they want decamp two adults having the same sex legally.

See some reactions below;