Ode to Hints Magazine

Hints Magazine

Hints magazine contributed to the sense I have today, the boldness and my reading culture and what I enjoy reading, even till date if I run into some of old hints publication, I’ll still take my time to refresh my memory of the stories in that edition, Oga Mat was one of my favorite column, I love how raw he writes and how real he present every scenario, he’s always fun and alive even if he falls into trouble, the romance stories and the art image that accompanies every story.

ELEGANCE, POISE AND CHARM; to mention but a few elements that resonated around her. Such aura couldn’t go by unnoticed as she walked into the studio. Cover Star Precious John

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They’ll always tell us back then to read often and read almost anything but at that age school books was boring, because school was everything we lived for, we live in school and everything we see is school related to what’s in the books, even when you flirt or party it still got school vibes, so school was choking us and we needed something real outside school, hint was the pride, hint was a sign of maturity back then, the girls just get you when they catch you reading hint, so instead of flaunting our text books, we flaunted hint, we don’t miss it on Thursdays at most Friday we’ve got the newest edition and we love it.

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Aside from the pride it gave us, it did educate us, exposed us to the world, to the sexual world and romance, it made us a better person, we show love differently because romance was what we crave, everything we read on hints we want to practice.

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Funny how things build the mind of kids, things we learn and have interest in as kids shape our adult life, the morals and the creativity even, so you ask these days who’s shaping the coming generation, what’s shaping them?