On Wendy Williams Show, A Guest’s Was Conned and Now She’s Coming to Nigeria to Marry the “Nigeria Prince”

Con Artiste
Wendy Williams

It’s not stopping anytime soon with the many con artiste aka Yahoo boys on the rise in Nigeria and their many victims, some of the things you hear them tell their clients you’ll wonder wahsup, but this particular story got me, really it did, falling in love with your con artiste, interesting, this will make a good story-line for a movie.

“What should you do if your close family member was scammed by a “Nigerian Prince” and is now flying there to marry him?” Wendy Williams asks.

Well, this is exactly the issue a guest on her show, “Wendy,” has brought before her.

His sister was scammed by a man posing to be a “Nigerian prince”, he said, before falling in love with him.

The woman has now decided to fly to Nigeria and get married to her scammer, who may probably not be from or in Nigeria. “What should the family do?” the man asks Wendy.