Orekoya MISSING SONS found hale and hearty


The Orekoya kids.

There is now joy in the home of the Orekoyas whose three kids, Aderomola, Adedamola and Demola, were abducted by their new housemaid on April 7, 2015, as the kids have been found hale and hearty.

The maid who was employed from an online classified portal only two days earlier, had kidnapped the three boys who were aged 11 months, four years and six years respectively, and had thrown the family into great turmoil.

After a lot of public outcry, the abductors made a demand of a ransom of N15 million before the kids would be released.

But late yesterday, April 14, the kids’ mother, Adebisi Busayo Adekunle Orekoya, posted on her Facebook page that the kids had been found.

Though she did not give any detail if the family had paid the ransom demanded or how the rescue was made possible, she thanked Nigerians for their support both morally and financially.

Read the post here:
“We give God all the Glory. Our Orekoya missing Kids have been found. Thank you so much everyone for ur prayers and moral and Financial support all along.

The list is endless, of awesome mothers, sisters, business partners, father’s and even kids too. You’ve been amazing! May God grant all your heart desires too. Much love always.”

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